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Oh, those homeschoolers!

January 31, 2009

Today’s Friday Meme at Heart of the Matter (online homeschool magazine) has us answering the question:

“What are some of the crazy questions you’ve been asked about homeschooling?”

Since we’ve been homeschooling for 15 years, and my children have never been in a traditional school (except for a Spanish class here and there, and now, college), I’ve gotten a few questions over the years.  Here are some of my favorites:

1- The ever popular “socialization” question. This one is always fun to deal with, but it was most funny when that question came from my husband’s co-worker, who REGULARLY had to leave work to pick up his son from school because he’d been fighting.  Socialization 🙂

2 – Once, in a department store, a lady asked why my children were with me and not in school. I told her that we homeschooled and had  1/2 day of school on Fridays. She smiled and said, “Homeschooling has so many benefits, but do you ever regret it since it  means that  they’ll never be able to attend college?”  I never did convince her that homeschoolers go to college everyday.

3 – At my son’s baseball game one summer, a mother “heard” from another mom that I was a homeschooler. She asked a lot of academic questions, as her daughter was struggling terribly in school. After a while, she sighed and said, “I wish I could do it (homeschool) but I don’t think I could handle all those home visits and paperwork!”      Pardon?       She then told me that it was ‘common knowledge’ at her daughter’s school that homeschooling parents were buried in paperwork required by the school board, and that homeschoolers’ homes were required to be visited once a week by local school personnel and that curricula and children’s work must be approved by this personnel.   I’m happy to say that we cleared up the ‘common knowledge’  and she is a happy homeschooling Mom today.

Who’s makin’ up all this stuff?  Funny 🙂


Hope and Faith

January 15, 2009

Then touched he their eyes, saying, “According to your faith be it unto you.” (Matthew 9:29 KJV)

Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith and trust and reliance [on the power invested in Me] be it done to you;” (Matthew 9:29 Amplified)

Then he touched their eyes and said, “Because of your faith, it will happen.” (Matthew 9:29 NLT)

I woke up today thinking (worrying, pondering, over-analyzing, strategizing, etc.) about the same situation I went to bed thinking about. It wasn’t difficult to imagine that the far reaching implications of the situation could result in pain and loss for someone – maybe several someones.

It wasn’t difficult to imagine at all. Anyone who’s been walking with the Lord for a number of years has seen the fallout before. We watch as people in our lives make decisions that take our breath away. In our mind’s eye, we instantly see the outcome, (because we have our OWN experience with unwise decisions to remind us,) yet we feel helpless to address the situation. Such is the way when the unwise decisions are being made by someone else. We don’t control all the “someone elses” in our lives do we?

So there I was, waking up knee-deep in the “what ifs” of what could ultimately happen. I found myself hoping that God would choose to be merciful and intercede in the results of the immature decisions I was watching unfold. I was hoping that any small bits of wisdom that I had had the chance to interject previously would be remembered. I was hoping that God would remember that the burden of responsibility for this person’s actions wasn’t theirs alone. I was really hoping that today I would find extreme favor with God, so that maybe He’d dish out a special favor because time was of the essence. I was so hoping that He was paying attention.

Then it hit me . . . .


HOPE: the feeling that something desired may happen (cross your fingers!)

FAITH: confidence or trust in a Person or thing; the trust in God and in His promises as made through Christ and the Scriptures.

Obviously, hope is not a bad thing. I hope everyday. I hope that my mail isn’t getting drenched in my mailbox right now. I hope that my college son is getting enough sleep. I hope that my husband remembers my Starbucks order (Venti, 6 pump, non-fat, no water, extra hot Chai latte). Hope is the “wish” that I have regarding certain issues that pop up from time to time.

But HOPE is not FAITH.

Faith is the confidence we have in the person of God.

Faith is not simply “hoping” that God will come through for us. It is the absolute belief in the fact that – in all things – He knows what He is doing, despite what our eyes see and despite what our minds think they understand. It is the understanding that God is Who His Word says He is.

He is faithful, all knowing, loving, kind, just, able, and overwhelmingly willing to move in any situation, according to His Wisdom and our need.

Faith is knowing, that the God who gave His only Son, so that YOU and I could spend eternity with Him, did so out of a love so deep and abiding that we can scarcely grasp it this side of eternity. THAT love is what we trust. THAT love is what our Faith hangs its hat on. THAT love is worthy of our absolute TRUST. THAT love cannot ever fail. We don’t have to HOPE that God hears us or that He may move in our “situations”. We can know! Because our FAITH is based on the immovable, unshakable, everlasting LOVE of the most powerful Being in the universe. And YOU and I are the object of that Love.

There is really only one requirement on our part. We are required to believe!

“Be it done to you ACCORDING TO YOUR FAITH.”

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