1. Vehicle is old. And tired. And won’t start. Get up at 5:45. . . . a.m. . . . . to take hubby to work. So I could borrow his car today.

2. Get home in time to wake 2 children for early piano lessons. Teacher calls, is sick, no piano.

3. Use unexpected “piano time” to finish article – 4 days early. (yay me!)

4. Rush son #2 to life-guard job (first shift)

5. Post finished article. Wash 213 loads of laundry.

6. Get online to gather questions for conference Q&A on Sunday.

7. Pick up son from work. Start dinner.

8. Son #1 brings home a mouse rescued by his friends from a glue trap at church. The mouse has no fur on his knees. Stuck to the glue trap I’m told. His name is ‘Lil Greg. Apparently he looks like Greg.

9. Stop dinner. Deliver homeschool info to a neighbor.

10. Deliver an employee time sheet.

11. Start dinner.

12. Stop dinner. Meet niece in city to deliver wedding photo CDs.

13. Rush to get life-guard boy to second shift.

14. Restart dinner. Fold 213 loads of laundry.

15. Stop dinner. Rush to pick Hubby up from work.

16. Quick stop at my Father’s house for Hubby to do a 5 minute computer job.

17. Computer job takes an hour because, “Your Dad’s computer is the slowest in history!”

18. Go home. Start dinner again.

19. Phone alarm says it’s time to get online with genius friend Amy. She intends to teach me how to use conference software. She wishes she didn’t know me.

20. Daughter #1 informs me that ‘Lil Greg escaped his mouse house when she opened the top to take his photo.

21. Lil Greg is now living behind my fridge. Probably giving birth.

22. It’s only Monday.


4 Responses to “Monday”

  1. Julie, Says:

    Hey friend, thank you for your words and especially for your prayers for my girl!

    Your day….wow, sounds like some days I have had….

    I remember the days of sharing a car…..not that long ago.

    Bless you dear one as you roll with the punches…


  2. lori@allyouhavetogiv Says:

    Girl…your Monday shaped up like mine….
    Tuesday was more of the same….you know some weeks are just tests, and only a test….a test of the “emergency praying system…”

    Praying for you, with you and laughing that I’m not the only one!:)

    peace girlfriend…and hey, at LEAST you got that button on your blog!LOL

    little victories!:)
    love ya,

  3. Linda Says:

    OHmygosh. # 8 totally cracks me up. Do you think that mouse did some praying on his knees at church?? And our pastor’s name is Gregg. Too funny!

  4. dawn Says:

    My day looks so much better now : )

    I love the title of your blog. . . I am often found muttering 8:28, 8:28 to remind me the very same thing.

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