Blame or Fame?

By now we’ve all heard of the Chapman family tragedy. I have been at a loss for words all day. My friend Lisa, however, has not. She has a powerful word for the Body of Christ in light of this situation. I urge you to take a quick jump over to her site to read “Blame or Fame”. It is an on-time word for today.

(PS – Don’t forget to pray for the Chapman family, especially their young son. What the enemy intends for destruction, God desires to turn into something magnificent and holy – all to His Glory.)


3 Responses to “Blame or Fame?”

  1. Julie, Says:

    Hey friend,
    Hope you are doing well. I enjoyed browsing your article in the HOTM magazine. I hope to get back to read it tomorrow! I am finishing up a devo to turn in for the Cafe.


  2. Julie, Says:

    Hey, I heard it was your birthday….Hope it was special… I miss seeing you and hearing from you. What’s going on with you????

    How’s your summer going?


  3. Kysha Says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

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