Congratulations Joelle ! ! ! (offspring #3, oldest daughter, AKA – Middle Child)! Joelle was a finalist in the photo contest at Growing In Grace online magazine. Take a look at the 4 final photos! (I secretly call her photo “The Rapture” 😉 )

Carrying that camera around has finally paid off!

YAY! Joelle ! ! !


6 Responses to “YAY JOELLE!!!”

  1. Becoming Me Says:

    Congrats. It is a lovely picture!

  2. Julie, Says:

    Congrats, I love this picture….. I do love cloud pictures! It always makes me think of the verse in Nahum 1:8 “The clouds are but the dust of His feet.”



  3. Amy Says:

    That’s my girl – I am so proud of her.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    Tell Joelle, we love it!!!! She’s awesome!

  5. Carole Turner Says:

    Beautiful photo!

  6. Amy Grant Bayliss Says:

    Great job, Joelle!!!! That picture is beautiful!

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