Where are you?

Where are you?

On any given day, in any given city, there is no shortage of answers to this question.

“Where am I?” – I am between jobs, I am struggling financially, I am sitting in the hospital with a very sick child, I am being served divorce papers, I am in prison, I am experiencing infertility, I am barely clinging to my faith, I am thinking that God has forgotten about me, I am depressed, I am confused . . .

Most of us have been to some of these places or have watched someone go there. Situations like these seem defining. When we look in the mirror – there we are – in that “place” we never dreamed we’d be. And the worst part? When we arrive at that “place” – always unexpectedly – it’s easy to become convinced that we no longer qualify to function in our place in the Body of Christ. We believe the lie that because our situations are not small and insignificant but instead seem to have consumed all of ‘life’ as we know it, that we – by default – must forfeit walking in our kingdom purpose.

We attempt to grasp at scriptures that say our trials will refine us, and mold us into the image of Jesus, yet when we assess our situation, we feel less like Christ than before we first believed. Then we open up and swallow one of our enemy’s favorite lies:

“You are in this “place” because you have failed, and God just can’t use you now.”

The problem with this lie, the reason it is so easy to swallow is because it is accompanied by tons of stinkin’ evidence and facts that are difficult to dispute. In light of this, allow me to offer something that I think God would applaud:

“WHERE you are . . . is not WHO you are!”

(For the rest of this post, follow me to CWO’s Internet Cafe’)


4 Responses to “Where are you?”

  1. Julie, Says:

    This was awesome!! I cannot believe how this goes along with what Papa gave me on my blog yesterday. You’ll have to read to see if it correlates.

    I tried to leave you a comment last night but it wouldn’t let me.

    I did comment on the CWO blog today. But I wanted to comment here too.

    Tomorrow is my first devotional at Internet Cafe’, thanks to you!!!!

    Can I post it this afternoon and date it for tomorrow? And how do I put the Internet Cafe icon in the middle of a post? Can you coach me on my first one??


  2. Becoming Me Says:

    Darnelle, This was an amazing post. You have such a gift.

  3. lori@allyouhavetogive Says:

    YOU do indeed have a gift….
    What a TRUE post….
    I’ve got to be one of your biggest fans!! I’m going over to read the REST of the post!!

    you inspire! blog on!!


  4. Vicki Says:

    Well, the Lord sure knew I needed to surf right over here tonight, ’cause
    this is an awesome post. RIGHT ON!! Where we are, isn’t who we are!

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