Mother’s Day is fast approaching and we wanted to take this opportunity to bless one really special mom this year. In order to do that, we’ve teamed up with some fabulous companies who have that same desire. The package that has been put together will give Mom everything she needs for the up and coming school year PLUS MORE!

Now, we fully believe that every mom deserves this package but since we can only give it to one mom, here is what needs to be done….

Nominate the mom you believe deserves it the most. Is she a single mom? a military mom? a widow? a mom of a child with special needs? Has she overcome certain obstacles? Let us know her story. Why does she deserve this package? What would it do for her family? Let us know and she could be the recipient of this amazing package and the person who nominates her will also receive a gift! Your nominations must be electronically mailed to: with “Nomination for Mother’s Day” in the subject line.

You have from now until May 7th at midnight to submit your nomination. Our staff and writers will then collectively consider, pray, and talk it over to decide who will receive it. The decisions will be posted on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 11, 2008.

We will also post a “Tribute” of sorts to all the moms who were nominated. Simply sharing encouraging bits that will honor them as well. You may nominate more than one person but the nominations must be in separate emails.

All nominations will be considered and prizes cannot be exchanged. Please place the button on your blog to spread the word. Let’s bless some Moms this year!

Click on over to Heart of the Matter online to check out the prizes


One Response to “Mommy!”

  1. Linda at 2nd cup Says:

    This sounds wonderful. I have someone really special in mind. Thanks for the opportunity. And thanks for your kind, supportive words at Internet Cafe, Darnelle.

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