#1If you’re in the mood to win 3 Max Lucado books, head on over to my friend Angies’s. She’s giving away one copy each ofSix Hours One Friday“, “And the Angels were Silent” and “No Wonder They Call Him Savior”. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna win, but it’ll be fun for you to pretend for a minute.

#2If you change moods and want to read something silly and inspiring, click on over to my daughter’s friend EVANGELINE’S blog. I promise you’ll get a big kick out of it and you may need tissue (cuz you’re gonna laugh until you cry, or you might just cry until you laugh). I promise, she’s one of a kind.


2 Responses to “Moody?”

  1. Lil Stinky E Says:

    hey here is my e-mail. . you can e-mail me any time you want and the donation amount!!!! thanks

  2. Angie Says:

    Hey girlfriend….guess who won the “Sisters of Faith” purple t-shirt!

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