Left or Right?

I’m working on an article for Heart of the Matter magazine (March 8th) about the differences in ‘left brain’ and ‘right brain’ learners. Check out the lists to decide which side of your brain works the hardest and which side is the slacker!


Seeks structure

Memorizes best by repetition

Likes to know the plan ahead of time

Works well independently

Likes to make lists and check them off

Thinks over much evidence before making decisions

Good at math AND loves it

Likes predictability

Is self disciplined and self paced



Prefers spontaneous vs. planned events

Memorizes best using meaning, color and emotion

Does not plan ahead regularly

Prefers to work with someone rather than alone

Does not need to work sequentially – skips around

Figures things out with minimum evidence

Finds math repetitive and boring


I am 100% left brain – Hubby is 100% right brain. Son #1 just walked in to check his ‘brain orientation’. Seems he’s completely comfortable on either side of the fence. (I already knew that). Has his Mother’s organizational skills and self discipline, but is much more laid back (non-neurotic) about it – like his Dad. Oh Man, God is funny!



5 Responses to “Left or Right?”

  1. lori@allyouhavetogive Says:

    I ALREADY knew I was a RIGHT BRAIN WANNNABE…..trapped in a left brained body…..Our art teacher makes us get into our RIGHT BRAIN when we come to class with exercises to cross you over….she told me that I’d have headaches for WEEKS when I did this…I DID! See I have traits of both…hate math…skip around…like reading the BACK of the book first…and PLAN….oh YEAH, that’s me….

    It’s all a balance but isn’t it FUNNY~ and to see where our kids fall into this…
    SINCE YOU LOVE MATH, right~ left brainer…wannna come over and teach it??
    I can’t wait to read this one!!
    love ya

  2. Amy Says:

    lol wow I totally am left brain, but I totally don’t like math and I totally read the last page of books to find out how the turn out in the end. I love how the first born kids seem to get the best of both worlds 🙂
    Do you think its dominate by gender? Because you basically just described my parents lol. Dad-right brained, Mom totally left brained. Me more Left than right, but definitely more laid back than mom

  3. Tammy Says:

    Definitely left brained which I assume is the correct answer…..hee hee! I can’t wait to read your article 🙂


  4. Linda at 2nd cup Says:

    I am left of left. Off the charts left. So left that “Left Behind” doesn’t sound so bad to me. Ha. Bad pun, I know.

  5. Julie, Says:

    OK, Now I confused…I am left and right. Is that possible?????

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