Life in the back yard

I read a book recently entitled “Straight from Hell” by Donna Frank. The book tells her story of being born into Godlessness and despair and abuse and confusion and fear. It tells of her maturing into a lifestyle that would guarantee her more of the same.

Then . . . God showed up . . .
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5 Responses to “Life in the back yard”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    I noticed you have Breaking Free on your To Do List. She’s redoing this study. A friend in Houston is attending the live lectures and she said it’s absolutely awesome.

  2. Kysha Says:

    Aw, Man! You got me all into that post and now I have to go to another site. I’ll get you for that and your little dog , Toto too! LOL!

  3. lori@allyouhavetogive Says:

    GREAT preachin’ over there!!
    You know, you are right….if we could all get together in the middle of the night while we are praying…WOW, imagine the power!!
    like the kiddos occasionally tell me….”YOU ROCK!”

    always with a SMILE!

  4. Kelley @ Aroma of Joy Says:

    This is a great message! It has taken me a long time to feel “worthy” or “ready” for God to use me. At times I still have to remind myself that He wants to use me right now, right where I am! This is a lesson I am trying to teach my 21 year-old daughter. Don’t wait until you are “cleaned up” and “perfect” to offer yourself to God, He loves you and wants you NOW! However it is easy to buy the lie that we are too flawed for God. Again, thank you for your perspective!


  5. Linda Says:

    I am so glad you’re posting there! Loved this, very encouraging.

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