Any Woman

I love it when God blows me away with the reality of His love, or with the certainty of forgiveness, or with glimpses of eternity. I love it when, because of His infinite patience, sometimes I finally “get it” that He is absolutely in control and will never leave me nor forsake me. I love those high and lofty moments that make me think, “This is what heaven will be like!”

Umm . . . This won’t be that kind of message. Today, God really dropped something else into my heart. Definitely not warm and fuzzy, but girls, sometimes we’ve gotta hear it. (Tell me I’m not the only one.)

To read the rest of today’s post, follow me to CWO’s Internet Cafe’


5 Responses to “Any Woman”

  1. Praise and Coffee Says:

    Loved your devotion today!

  2. lori Says:

    You hit me smack in the HEAD…ouch…it hurt but I needed it!!
    Your devo over there was FABULOUS….
    reel us in…..and then lower the BOOM…
    I LOVE IT!!!

  3. Robin @ Heart of Wisdom Says:

    I’m glad to find your blog. Looks like we have like minds.

    I found you one Heart of the Matters Top 100. I added the list to Delicious and Stumble Upon. I’m asking other to do the same to help spread the word.


  4. Kysha Says:

    You are definitely not alone. Thanks for sharing.

  5. amandagraeser Says:

    Awesome! I needed to read this today.

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