Hey Guess What?

Just wanted to post another reminder about the new Christian home school e-zine that is bursting on the scene on January 8 called Heart of the Matter. It’s not fully functional just yet, but you can take a peek now to get an idea of how awesome it’s gearing up to be! It will be a monthly magazine with regular columns on many topics of interest to home schooling (and non-home schooling) families along with daily encouraging blogs. Also available will be a vast array of resources and advice about things such as teaching children with learning difficulties, teaching pre-schoolers, high schoolers and everyone in between. It will be overflowing with Godly encouragement and counsel for anyone with school age children.

One of the things I’m most excited about is that I’ve been asked to write a monthly column about teaching children who struggle academically as my degree is in special education and I have a house full of kids who have taxed my expertise to the extreme! (kidding – that last sentence was for my kids’ friends) 🙂 My column is called “Fill in the Blanks” – make sure you stop by! You will not believe the wealth of information offered in this e-zine and the gifted and experienced people who have put it together. I’m just happy they let me hang around!


3 Responses to “Hey Guess What?”

  1. Lisawa Says:

    Hi! My name is Lisa and I am going to all the heart of the matter blogs to say hi and introduce myself! I do not know many of you gals, and I thought I better hop to it! *Ü*

    My blog is Koinonia Academy and will post twice a month to the heart of the matter. I look forward to getting to know you better.


  2. silly me Says:

    just stopping by to say hi! i loved your “like a little child” post. so good! i, also, am looking forward to getting to know you better!


  3. lori Says:

    I’m SOOOOOOOOO excited that I could **POP**
    It’s really amazing that it’s come together this fast!!
    what a blessing!
    can’t wait to read yours!!

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