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Hey Guess What?

December 31, 2007

Just wanted to post another reminder about the new Christian home school e-zine that is bursting on the scene on January 8 called Heart of the Matter. It’s not fully functional just yet, but you can take a peek now to get an idea of how awesome it’s gearing up to be! It will be a monthly magazine with regular columns on many topics of interest to home schooling (and non-home schooling) families along with daily encouraging blogs. Also available will be a vast array of resources and advice about things such as teaching children with learning difficulties, teaching pre-schoolers, high schoolers and everyone in between. It will be overflowing with Godly encouragement and counsel for anyone with school age children.

One of the things I’m most excited about is that I’ve been asked to write a monthly column about teaching children who struggle academically as my degree is in special education and I have a house full of kids who have taxed my expertise to the extreme! (kidding – that last sentence was for my kids’ friends) πŸ™‚ My column is called “Fill in the Blanks” – make sure you stop by! You will not believe the wealth of information offered in this e-zine and the gifted and experienced people who have put it together. I’m just happy they let me hang around!


A Re-post (is that a word?)

December 27, 2007

Since it’s that time of year again, the time when we realize how undisciplined we may have become toward the year’s end, I thought I’d re-post an older entry. It’s a reminder to me about how the little things, the daily disciplines, really do eventually, add up to significant changes. I need a reminder.

It’s called: Finding Middle CΒ 

Today it will be posted at CWO’s Internet Cafe. Take a look!

Something new for the New Year!

December 23, 2007

Just wanted to give a heads-up about something new happening in blog land after the new year. Beginning January 8th, The Heart of the Matter (home school blog) will be revamped into a CWO (Christian Women Online) inspired online magazine for homeschoolers. It will be designed and written in the same format as CWO with standard monthly columns and regular daily posts, interviews, memes, giveaways, etc.

Godly, homeschooling moms (and dads!) from around the country will be addressing issues such as homeschooling preschoolers and high schoolers, leading children in their faith, teaching children with disabilities, as well as a providing ideas for teaching every subject. And that’s only the beginning. The site is still under construction, but after January 8th, you can check it out by going HERE or clicking the button on the side bar. Don’t forget!

like a little child

December 15, 2007

Sometimes, God just does really cool things. I think my 8 year old daughter would agree. In my home, there are five children. The oldest 3 are teens, the 4th is only months away from being “teen-age-r-y” (a Bill Cosby word we like) and the youngest . . . is 8. While her 4 older siblings are busy with college finals, or their jobs, or learning to drive, she spends her time searching for someone – anyone – to join her in “Barbie” land.
Then, it happened. A few months ago, into our neighborhood, directly across the street from us, a new family moved in. A made-to-order family that my daughter, I feel certain, prayed for. They are a homeschooling group (like us), with 5 kids (like us), with 4 older kids doing the college-teenager-job-driving things (like us), and (are you ready?) one, heaven-sent, last born, Barbie-toting, no one to play with, daughter! Fast-forward a few weeks . . . the two Barbie queens are inseparable and must be torn apart, every evening, via the ‘jaws of life’. It’s a beautiful thing.

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A Christmas Miracle . . . kind of

December 7, 2007

I’m a mom. I make no apologies. In some ways I am not a typical mom. In other ways, I am textbook – my face is next to the word “mom” in the dictionary. And in typical “Mom” fashion, if I was asked, “What thing would you save if running out of the house during a fire?” . . . there is only one answer – my photo albums. Love ’em, love ’em, love ’em. Hundreds and hundreds of family photos of kids (and parents) growing up and doing life together. My favorite album is one where each page has a photo of our family, every year, in front of the Christmas tree. Granted, the first few years there was only Danny, myself and a cocker spaniel in the photo. But after a while, there was Danny, Darnelle (pregnant), and cocker spaniel. The next year it was Danny, Darnelle, baby Joshua and cocker spaniel then . . . Danny, Darnelle (pregnant) and Joshua (no dog – don’t ask), etc. Every other year, I’m expecting a baby or there is a new baby in the family. (This became a habit) Anyway, It’s my favorite album because it holds a once-a-year snapshot of the Ferraras. Every year we look different, the kids are a little older and there’s a new family member in the group. I flip through that album and I see 21+ years of change and growth and blessing. I see babies turn into toddlers who then turn into people taller than me. I see our life. It’s my very favorite album.

Last year, we hit a snag and though I can’t remember the details, we did not have a family photo taken around the tree on Christmas Day. I remember thinking, “That’s OK. We’ll do it after Christmas when we have more time.” Somehow it never happened and it’s been bugging me for a year.

This year, the work schedules and school schedules and everything else are even more hairy than before, but I was determined. And so, with much less time and effort than I thought it would take, we got everyone together and I got my Christmas photo. (I’m pretty sure the cooperation was due to the fact that my family was a little tired of hearing about how I didn’t get a family photo last year.) No, it isn’t Christmas yet, but the photo is in front of a tree (my parents’ house) so I’m good. I’m so excited. I’ve already used the photo to order Christmas cards, an 8 x 10 for the wall and, of course, the 2007 entry in the Family Christmas album. Now I can breathe. And the best part? Now that the eldest Ferrara kid has opened my eyes to the wonder of Photoshop, I’m pretty sure I won’t be aging anymore. At least not in Christmas photos πŸ™‚


Lost In Translation

December 2, 2007

I love small children! They get excited about everything and nothing! They run at full speed – always. They hug like there’s no tomorrow. They laugh, jump, eat, sing and play – everyday – like it’s the very first time they’ve ever done any of it. They explore every nook and cranny regardless of how dirty they’ll get. They enjoy life with absolute abandon and they’re beautiful even when they (and the entire bathroom) are covered in baby powder. And . . . they are hysterical when they open their mouths.

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