When God gave me “Amazing” (from a post on 9/9/07)

“I can’t do this Lord! How do I let them go? You know all that I’ve seen in my years. I’ve been much too close for comfort as alcohol, drugs, divorce and unforgiveness claimed people I love. I am not unaware. But this. This is different. I can’t fix this, yet I can’t stop trying to. How can I let go and place this person on the altar with You? The stakes are so high. The consequences . . . destruction at the enemy’s hand. How can I let go? But, I know I have to. A few conditions, though. Will You carry me? I won’t be able to walk away from the altar after I give them to You. I already know that. When I place them there, will You grab my hand tightly? You’ll have to walk me away from there. Will You pick me up after I fall? If it takes a long time, will You remind me that they’re in Your hands? Will You catch me as I run to the altar in a panic to take them back from You? And, could You give me something to remind me that You’re in control of it all? Please remind me Lord! I’ll need to remember . . . . so I can let go.”

Then He reminded me.


In heartache and in Joy, You are Sovereign.

In confusion and in Certainty,

In difficulty and in Ease, You are Sovereign.

In lack and in Abundance,

In bondage and in Freedom,

In darkness and in Light, You are Sovereign.

In tears and in Rejoicing,

In fear and in Courage,

In failure and in Victory,

In loss and in Gain, You are Sovereign.

In weakness and in Strength,

In death and in Life, You are Sovereign.

Faithful, True, Holy, Amazing!

Oh God, who is like You in all the earth?

When I can’t hear you – You are there.

When I can’t see you,

When I can’t feel you – You are there.

When I can not find you,

When I’m not looking for you – You are there.

Working out Your plan,

In Your time –

In Your way –

To Your Glory.

The Most High is Sovereign over all the kingdoms of men. (Daniel4:32b)

You are Faithful, True, Holy, Amazing!


3 Responses to “When God gave me “Amazing” (from a post on 9/9/07)”

  1. Amy Says:

    excellent, I am going to have to read Daniel later tonight. That was really good.

  2. Jamie Says:

    Amazing! Reminds me of a Matt Redman song! Very nice!

  3. Angie K Says:

    I came by here…looking for something…and found what I needed to read. Only God knows the trouble I have had laying a certain child’s problem at His feet. I felt the Holy Spirit quicken my soul….this is what I needed. Thanks Darnelle—I will return here–no it was not an accident, I am convinced!
    God bless you 🙂

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